Alternative Dispute Resolution

We recognize that the court system is not always the best way to resolve a dispute. Mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution methods are often quicker, less expensive, and more final than litigation.

Jeremy is pleased to act as a neutral mediator or arbitrator of any complex dispute.  We provide neutral services nationwide.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule your mediation or arbitration.

Dispute Resolution Panel Rosters:

  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)(Arbitrator)
  • National Futures Association (NFA)(Arbitrator)
  • United States Bankruptcy Court District of Arizona (Mediator)

Continuing Education:

  • Crossing the Line:  New Developments in the Law of Arbitral Jurisdiction (American Arbitration Association)
  • Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration (American Arbitration Association)
  • Spring 2017 Neutral Workshop–Promissory Notes and Requests to Amend a Broker’s Employment Information in CRD (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA))
  • ICDR Awards and Commentaries:  Is International Arbitration Different than Domestic Arbitration (American Arbitration Association)
  • Arbitrator Subpoenas: Are They Worth The Paper That They’re Printed On? (American Arbitration Association)
  • Arbitrators Conducting Legal Research–Good Idea or Bad?  (American Arbitration Association)
  • What to Expect During a Prehearing Conference Call (National Futures Association)
  • Your Role As An NFA Arbitration Chairperson (National Futures Association)
  • FINRA Dispute Resolution: Your Duty to Disclose (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA))
  • FINRA Dispute Resolution: Civility In Arbitration (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA))
  • FINRA Dispute Resolution: Direct Communication Rule (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA))
  • FINRA Dispute Resolution: Expungement (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA))
  • FINRA Dispute Resolution: Discovery Abuse and Sanctions (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA))
  • Best Practices for Counsel Series: Mediating and Arbitrating the Large Complex Case (American Arbitration Association)
  • Clarity In Award Writing (American Arbitration Association)
  • Confronting Arbitrability and Jurisdiction Issues in Arbitration (American Arbitration Association)
  • Discovery in Arbitration: Practical Advice for Domestic and International Success (American Arbitration Association)
  • “Exceeded Powers”: Recent Trends in Cases Challenging Arbitrator Authority (American Arbitration Association)
  • The Best Use of Med-Arb: The Advantages of Using Med-Arb to Settle Disputes (American Arbitration Association)
  • ADR and Emerging Technologies: The Future Has Arrived (American Arbitration Association)
  • Dealing with the Pro Se Party in Mediation and Arbitration (American Arbitration Association)
  • An Introduction to Rule 72 Arbitrations (State Bar of Arizona)
  • Arbitration 101 – An Introduction and Overview for the Lawyer Who is New to Arbitration (American Arbitration Association)
  • An Online Learning Program for NFA Arbitrators (National Futures Association)
  • Motion Practice Under AAA Rules:  What You Need to Know (American Arbitration Association)
  • The ICDR’s International Arbitration Rules:  Assessing the 2014 Amendments (American Arbitration Association)
  • Mediator Essentials:  Skills for Facilitating Negotiated Agreements (American Arbitration Association)
  • Mediation in Evolution:  Challenges, Opportunities (State Bar of Arizona Alternative Dispute Resolution Section)
  • Arbitration Talks (State Bar of Arizona Alternative Dispute Resolution Section)

Other Services:

Additionally, we are happy to assist individual clients with every stage of the alternative dispute resolution process.  Examples of situations where a client might find our services helpful include:

  • Drafting mediation and arbitration clauses in contracts
  • Selecting an appropriate mediator or arbitrator
  • Presenting your case at mediation or arbitration
  • Commercial disputes regarding covenants not to compete
  • Construction disputes
  • Defamation
  • Employment discrimination
  • Personal injury and property disputes
  • Real property sale, purchase, and usage disputes
  • Wrongful discharge

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